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Apple, Woman, Seed

Nature is filled with astounding beauty, and within this beauty we find astounding truths. Bound up in the simplicity of an apple tree, for example, is a remarkable truth about identity and purpose. Where does the apple tree come from? A seed. But not just any seed. It comes from the apple seed, which has a distinctness from

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Taming the Animal

We’ve spent time—hours upon hours of time—watching things we shouldn’t have been watching, reading things we shouldn’t have been reading, and doing things we shouldn’t have been doing. Let’s be real, our generation struggles. Perhaps not everyone’s secrets are all the same—but they’re still secrets.  “Confess your tresspasses to one another, and pray for one

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Stronger or Better?

Reading the stories of the kings of Judah is something of a rollercoaster ride. As I journey through the Chronicles, I have this feeling of hopeful suspense—will there finally be someone who does something right? Will anyone be faithful to God?  After about five questionable kings, King Uzziah’s ascension to the throne was a breath

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Zebras, Not Horses

A patient comes in presenting with nausea, a dull headache, and generalized muscle weakness. After taking a temperature reading of 101, you give your diagnosis: They’ve inhaled anthrax. It’s clear, right? The symptoms correspond. Except that anthrax poisoning is extremely uncommon, and the most obvious—and reasonable—diagnosis is a viral infection presenting as fever symptoms.  “When

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