Issue 5

Collar Color Conundrums

The Bible makes blue-collar workers look good. The term ‘blue collar’ is a relatively new one, completely unknown to our Adventist pioneers since it wasn’t popularized until the early 1900s. In 1911 Fredrick Taylor published his most notable book, The Principles of Scientific Management, in which he described the ideal workplace dynamic. According to Taylor, the more important […]

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Sweat Pays

In moments of intense effort and sacrifice – when you can feel sweat dripping down your brow – we often discover the value of our labor. I remember vividly the day I dug a massive hole—a task that left me exhausted but immensely satisfied. My sore muscles, sweat, and even bruises showcased how much work I

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An Industry of Industries

(originally printed as ‘Our colleges and academies’, in The Christian Educator, September-October 1897) Most institutions make themselves profitable by profiting off their students; high tuition, mounting rooming costs, and extortionate meal plan prices subsidize salaries and foster a culture of consumption. Students become customers, the school a hub of advertisement seeking to gain the business

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